Native Nomad came about as a creative effort to find beauty and serenity in items found both locally and from afar. I started the company in 2018 and settled on the name because I am a native of the Northwestern U.S. but a nomad at heart. As an Army brat, I was raised all over the world, which has contributed to my love for the artistry, craftsmanship, foods, sounds and colors of many cultures. The name also refers to the makers and artists native to the NW and U.S. whom we support and promote.

For 24 years my business ethic and style have bubbled in the background while raising my children and working closely with organizations to help people in the U.S. and abroad affected by homelessness, poverty and disease. The experiences that I’ve gained compel me to showcase not only my own work but those of other makers whom I admire and hold common values with, namely, to bring people together in local and global communities in order to support one another.

In the past few years I’ve been a vendor at several local shops such as River’s Edge Boutique, Tsugawa’s Nursery and Rose & Thorn Boutique in Woodland, WA., as well as Magnolia Cottage in Kalama, WA. and The Artful Attic in Camas, WA. before they closed their doors. I also participated in Night Market Vancouver’s First Friday events in Vancouver, WA. All of these wonderful opportunities and amazing people I’ve had the privilege to work with have prompted me to open my own shop in 2021. I’m excited and humbled to have a place where I can spotlight creativity and keep it lighthearted and fun. I hope you’ll come and visit!