Welcome! Our brick and mortar store may be closed but we are still open for business! Our handmade jewelry line was the biggest seller at our shop, so we are dedicating full-time to jewelry making and quick, easy online ordering. We are working hard to get our e-commerce shop completed but in the meantime, just browse our selection below and send us an email or personal message on Facebook/Instagram/email indicating your choice. We will quickly send you a Square invoice to pay at your leisure. As soon as you have done so, you will receive a confirmation and mailing time estimate. We are regularly updating with new items, so keep checking back. Click first picture in each section to access the slideshow for that collection. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Free Gift Wrapping! Your jewelry will come in a lovely velvet lined box with your personal message, dried flowers and a complimentary genuine gemstone, shipped in a sleek, beautiful package. We also offer elegant & tasteful electronic gift cards for you to email to your loved ones for them to redeem at any time if you’re unsure of what to gift them, just send a message and we’ll do the rest.

Markets/Pop-Ups & Events: Are you a business looking for experienced, friendly and professional vendors for your next market or pop-up? We work hand-in-hand with local businesses to support and promote one another through special events. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to send you our information.

Gold Jewelry: All gold jewelry is made of brass that is vacuum plated in 14kg in a process called physical vapor deposition. PVD utilizes a titanium nitride solution that provides a thick and durable coating of gold that is brilliant and resilient. This process is used by luxury brands like Rolex and Cartier, and since solid gold is around $2,000 an ounce, this is a great alternative for those who love the look of this beloved metal that is like sunshine on your skin! Many of our products are also available in silver, so please reach out to us if you prefer the silver moon over the golden sun.


Native Nomad Tree

Native Nomad came about as a creative effort to find beauty and serenity with hand made items found both locally and from afar (Native Northwestern and other small, independent U.S. businesses).

The oak tree image for our logo is taken from a special tree that has a lot of significance to our family. Under its branches, we have enjoyed many a sunrise/sunset, campfire, story, song, game, bbq, water fight, jokes and laughter with family and friends. To us, it represents the enduring love we have for each other and all of the lives that have touched ours from around the world.

We met in ’92 during college, working at a soup kitchen in Portland, OR. We have been married for 28 years, raising our children in SW Washington for the last 26. Because most of our family is from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, we’ve always made time to visit them- traveling all over the amazing PNW. We have also traveled to many U.S. States and World destinations and enjoyed various regions & cultures. Finding those quirky, unusual & nuanced spots: poring through museums, cultural centers, mom & pop shops and eateries is key to understanding a place and its people. We love history, art, culture, science, philosophy, theology and the interplay between all of them. We’ve raised our children to appreciate the perspectives of others and to help those in need: orphans, abandoned women and those suffering from poverty and disease by gaining sponsorship for their basic needs: food, shelter, medicine and education. If you have an interest in what our humanitarian efforts are, please feel free to send us a personal message and see how you can get involved.

We live out in the country and have raised our kids to be explorers & thinkers- to use their talents and skills creatively. We have always enjoyed arts and crafts and in 2017, we began selling our decor, gifts, furniture and jewelry creations at several local shops and markets and officially launched our company in 2018. We settled on the name because we are native to the Northwestern U.S. but nomads at heart. The name also refers to the makers and artists native to the NW, U.S. & abroad whom we support and promote. We want to bring people together in local and global communities, supporting & uplifting one another.

During the pandemic in 2020, we opened a brick and mortar boutique and rode the stressful rollercoaster of in person sales for 3 years (think shoplifting, robbery, soliciting, and people just coming in to get “ideas” for their own home or shop). After this trial run, we realized that online sales were better suited for what we were selling the most of- our jewelry line. Now, we are able to work from home with our children, dogs, cats & chickens and take better care of our family and business. This allows us more time to create, enjoy the process, and be a part of local community markets and pop-up events again.

We have all become used to buying cheap items made by slave labor overseas and it is going to take time to turn the supertanker around and build a more ethical and locally-based economy but we are committed to trying. We personally buy many products made or grown by fellow makers and small businesses and promote them at every opportunity.

Our goal is to be ourselves, to not judge or divide people and to keep it lighthearted & fun! We believe that our customers’ needs are important and that kind and friendly service are essential. We are here to make your experience as positive and uplifting as possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to understand and read our story, we hope that you agree and will help support our vision.

Blessings! – Sara & Jim


Please feel free to contact me for orders, questions or to set up pop-up and market events together sara@nativenomadinc.com

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